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Magic Factory Live With Jamie Daws Instant Download

Magic Factory Live With Jamie Daws Instant Downloa
Magic Factory Live With Jamie Daws Instant Download
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Magic Factory Live With Jamie Daws Instant Download

I have created my own props and gimmicks for many years, often making intricate gimmicks ‘en mass’ for magic companies and magicians. I have even made and sold handmade gimmicks on my own website that have been used by thousands of magicians worldwide! You may even have seen some of my props being used on television! 

Many would agree, making gimmicks is one of the hardest subjects to learn and for the first time, you will now have interactive tuition! So if you get stuck on something, those questions can be answered real time meaning you will have the upper hand when it comes to combating some of those more challenging projects! 

So if you have ever tried and failed making a gimmick or if you’ve been to scared to try, this is an Alakazam Academy course that you do not want to miss! 

Some of the things being covered: 

The Forgotten Child - This is a simple routine utilising one origami folded frog. For those lovers of the darker side of magic, this is a simple and compelling effect that you will love to perform! 

Deviate - Deviate is a super visual utility which allows you to visually change one card into another whilst it is isolated inside the card box. This very simple alteration to a card box makes for a super deceptive, strikingly visual change that is perfect not only for your socials but also the real world! 

The ‘Double’ Envelope - Magicians know the importance of these special envelopes. In this part of the course, we are going to explore the different kinds of envelope and I will also provide you with a custom made template ready for you to print and cut out! 

‘Flap’ Cards - Magicians have an obsession with flap cards and flap gimmicks. In this part of the course, we are going to explore the two most common types of ‘automatic’ flap cards… and it’s easier than you might think! 

The False Hole - Taking what we have learnt in the previous section, we are going to make a super cool hole gimmick that I created for my Instagram some while ago. It is very deceptive and incredibly simple to make! 

Splitting Cards - Another topic magicians have obsessed over but something that is incredibly simple when you know how! There are some incredible effects you can make when you know how to split cards and after this academy, you’ll know exactly how to do it! 

Re-covering a Book - There have been many methods over years for re-covering book covers. Some utilised special chemicals whilst others were incredibly long and difficult. With my method, we are going to take some of the knowledge we have previously learnt and utilise it to re-cover a book. The best part? It takes minutes and is ridiculously simple! This is a method I have used for years! 

Mini Rubik’s Cube in a Jar - It is always nice to leave our clients with a little keep-sake. Something that can look at and remember you by. ‘Impossible Bottles’ have been one of those things for years but they can be timely to make, expensive to buy and the methods for creating them are somewhat elusive. In this academy, I am going to teach you how to put a mini Rubik’s cube into a mini jar! It takes minutes to make, costs a couple of pound per jar and is super simple to make (and not that fiddly at all!)! They are great little giveaways that won’t break the bank! 

Photo Manipulation - I am going to take you through the basics of photo manipulation using my favourite piece of photo software. Many know me for my photo effects and over the years I have edited hundreds of photos for different tricks! The software is one of the cheapest to purchase for its capabilities and it will allow you to create anything you mind comes up with! Even if you have never ventured into photo software before, this will get you doing some pretty incredible things very quickly! 

Himber Prediction - These are super cool little gizmos which allow you to create countless effects! Multiple outs, Russian roulette effects, mind reading. Anything you can think of, these are perfect. Once again, you’ll receive a PDF with everything you need inside! 

Ageing Props - I have aged more things than I like to imagine! Here, we are going to talk about some methods for ageing things from paper to metals. You’ll be amazed with how good these props look and with what little effort they take to make! 

What To Do Next - For completeness, we are going to discuss not only where I buy the items I use to make things, but also where you can go to get things made. Maybe you want a postcard made, or a book-tests. These are the places you can 

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