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The Magician Club - Patreon

The Magician Club - Patreon
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The Magician Club - Patreon


The complete archive of MORE THAN 100 tutorials, masterclasses, lectures and magic products teaching the most powerful magic I know. Over 24 hours of instructional video content worth more than $1000!

Item 118: A fast-paced top change alternative

Item 117: One handed card switch

Item 116: How to find your magic persona

Item 115: How to build routines

Item 114: Propless, prep-less mentalism

Item 113: Marked Deck Masterclass (1hr 44min)

Item 112: Poker chip coin matrix

Item 111: The Cull Force

Item 110: Catch perfect Blackjack from a dribble

Item 109: Vanish sugar (no thumbtip, ends clean)

Item 108: Magic gig advice

Item 107: Every Element Counts

Item 106: Cards pass thru a solid dice

Item 105: ACAAN prediction where you never touch the cards!

Item 104: Make a 40-out index from 1 sheet of paper

Item 103: Finding 4 Kings by vanishing the deck

Item 102: 3 question card force with NO deck!

Item 101: How to start making money with magic

Item 100: The Whisper System

Item 99: Two Impressive & Practical Peeks

Item 98: PYFC Force and Dice ACAAN

Item 97: FUSED

Item 96: How To Look Like A Genius

Item 95: Undercover Change

Item 94: The Long Game

Item 93: Precision Catch ( & Rising Card)

Item 92: Front & Back

Item 91: Ctrl+C

Item 90: Drop Peek Control

Item 89: An Under-The-Radar False Cut To The Table

Item 88: The Stripper Deck Masterclass

Item 87: Any named 4-digit number perfectly predicted

Item 86: Their name appears on their card

Item 85: Bottom Switch

Item 84: Clear Matrix (Theory & Tutorial)

Item 83: Headcount

Item 82: One of my favourite controls…

Item 81: Match thru elastic band

Item 80: Trio Of Card Effects (Part 2)

Item 79: Trio Of Card Effects (Part 1)

Item 78: A trick with three decks.

Item 77: CROSS CUT – Episode Three

Item 76: CROSS CUT – Episode Two

Item 75: CROSS CUT – Episode One

Item 74: Folded card changes in your hand

Item 73: Card change inside a Tic Tac box

Item 72: The Pass Masterclass

Item 71: Control a card to the bottom

Item 70: Predict random choices between borrowed objects

Item 69: Sharpie vanishing mini-masterclass

Item 68: Your Performance Is A Playground

Item 67: Behind the back card toss

Item 66: Handwash Card Vanish

Item 65: The easiest borrowed deck card peek

Item 64: A devastating ACAAN with a unique twist

Item 63: Three super powerful propless mentalism techniques

Item 62: Double-Flip Control

Item 61: Signed card teleports on top of the box

Item 60: Borrowed headphones move at your command

Item 59: Colour change routine

Item 58: Card teleports from one hand to another

Item 57: Force dice from inside a cup

Item 56: Svengali Masterclass – Part 2

Item 55: Impossibly find perfect pairs from a shuffled deck

Item 54: Cliché

Item 53: Overhand retention shuffle

Item 52: A photo on your phone turns into a miracle

Item 51: Card instantly pops out the deck

Item 50: Svengali Masterclass – Part 1

Item 49: Control any card from anywhere in seconds

Item 48: Fully uncut conversation with Daniel Madison

Item 47: Secrets hidden in my deck of cards

Item 46: One Ahead

Item 45: Mentalist Essentials Lecture

Item 44: VITAL Deck Switch Masterclass

Item 43: Torn corner thru phone

Item 42: Appearing torn corner from phone

Item 41: Appearing mercury fold from phone

Item 40: The CLUMP Control

Item 39: A floating torn corner restoration v2

Item 38: A floating torn corner restoration

Item 37: Blackart

Item 36: Card to spectator’s pocket

Item 35: The CVN Prediction

Item 34: Signed torn corner masterclass

Item 33: Camberwell tear technique

Item 32: Hidden predictions in plain sight

Item 31: They shuffle, they cut, you predict the top card

Item 30: The two most important mentalism Techniques (for me)

Item 29: Signed torn corner vanish/teleportation

Item 28: Destruction & Memories

Item 27: Predict the outcome of a shuffled deck

Item 26: Make things appear inside borrowed objects

Item 25: The Off-Stage Effect

Item 24: The Anti-ACAAN

Item 23: Discussing mentalism

Item 22: Literally divine anything from anyone

Item 21: Macmillan Switch Ideas and Uses

Item 20: One Handed Turnover Switch

Item 19: Calculator force on their phone

Item 18: Card to spectator’s wallet

Item 17: Correctly divine almost anything

Item 16: Guess a stranger’s bank details correctly

Item 15: Unlock a borrowed phone (2 methods)

Item 14: The “CW” Technique

Item 13: Divine someone’s last holiday

Item 12: Know a stranger’s number plate

Item 11: Guess a stranger’s name correctly

Item 10: Second deal ideas

Item 9: The Top Change

Item 8: Two Jokers turn into one card… their signed card

Item 7: The Gambler’s Cop

Item 6: ACAAN Presentation Theory

Item 5: Tear and restore a card… twisted

Item 4: The Cull

Item 3: Easy, go-to, shuffled deck ACAAN

Item 2: Control a card as you give the deck to a spectator

Item 1: Introduction

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